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Biospecimen Processing

Benefit from our optimized procedures or opt for customized processing of diverse biological samples at Avrok.

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Remove the headache

What We Can Process For You

Let us know if you require a different sample to be processed than those below.

Whole Blood

Whether same day or overnight delivery, allow Avrok to process into PBMCs, serum, plasma, RBCs, and lymphocytes.


Avrok will prepare the sample for downstream analysis via DNA isolation, stains, slide preparation, cell isolations and more. 

Urine & Stool

Pass of the handling of these unique samples to Avrok for cell pelleting, homogenization, and stabilizing reagent addition.


Leukopaks can be prepared for cryopreservation, or PBMC and lymphocyte populations can be separated into aliquots.

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Meticulous PBMC Aliquot Generation

Entrust your whole blood samples to Avrok's experienced team of biospecimen handling specialists.

Ideal For Clinical Trials

Use our validated in-house protocols or submit your own workflows and procedures.

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Compliance is Key

All processes take place at Avrok's CAP/CLIA accredited facility

On-Site Test Services

Choose from a diverse selection of CLIA certified and validated biomarker identification assays. Alternatively, we provide the option to create a customized assay.
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On-Site Solutions

Promptly collect sample data immediately after biospecimen processing for efficient record keeping and analysis.

On-Site Biobanking

Avrok offers cryopreservation preparation as part of the processing procedure, making it convenient for clients conducting prospective studies or clinical trials.

Biobanking Freezers
On-Site Solutions

Send patient specimens directly to Avrok after collection for processing, data generation, and biobanking.

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