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Get Involved In Research

At Avrok, we're simplifying research participation, making it accessible and inclusive for all.


Our Mission

We are dedicated to advancing the frontiers of scientific research with an unwavering commitment to a patient-first mindset. Our mission is to revolutionize the landscape of biosciences by ensuring that research is conducted ethically, transparently, and directly benefits those who matter most – the patients.

Making Participation Easy

We strive to bridge the gap between cutting-edge research and individuals seeking innovative healthcare solutions. Avrok Biosciences is driven by the belief that every individual has the right to access and participate in groundbreaking research that directly impacts their well-being. By fostering a collaborative environment between researchers, healthcare professionals, and non-profit organizations we aim to bring patient-centric research opportunities directly to the forefront of healthcare innovation.


Patient Centricity At Our Core

Avrok's commitment extends beyond just our words. We demonstrate our values in action by incorporating every patient's perspective and aligning each project accordingly.


Prioritizing Patients

We engage with non-profit and patient organizations early in research planning, leveraging their deep understanding of disease limitations to inform and shape accommodating research strategies.


Safety & Compliance

We pride ourselves on adhering to the strictest safety precautions possible to ensure a positive experience. All sample collection protocols are reviewed and signed off by the U.S. Internal Review Board.


Minimizing Burden

We prioritize patient flexibility by bringing research opportunities directly to their door and on their terms, ensuring convenient engagement without the constraints of long-term clinical trials.



We're committed to enabling communication & fostering an environment where research teams learn from patients, and patients feel comfortable and confident participating in research.

A Patient Experience Designed By Patients 

"When I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune condition at the age of 16, my first two thoughts were “Is there any research taking place for my condition?” and “How can I get involved?”. It wasn’t until I started learning more about my condition from Non-Profit & Patient Advocacy Organizations that I realized how crucial my participation and voice could be to advance therapeutic developments for my community.

I’m proud to be a part of Avrok because we all understand the power and importance of a patient's lived experience. We are dedicated to not only providing research opportunities to those living with chronic illnesses but to making them accessible and minimizing the burden of participation for anyone who is interested"

- Dana Immerso 

Director of Strategic Partnerships at Avrok

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Partnering with Non-Profit Organizations

Avrok works with Non-profit Organizations (NPOs) to ensure that the utmost care is taken in acquiring samples that are relevant to the researcher's studying the disease. 


Know What To Look For

Our affiliate NPOs and their medical teams provide insights into what biomarkers and sample types will be the most relevant for treatment development.

Accessible Communities

If possible, Avrok will work to pair patients with the relevant NPO so that the patient can explore a community of those with similar experiences.

Accelerating Treatment Development

We believe that the more organizations involved, the better. Avrok works with reputable institutions to ensure that donated samples play a real role in therapeutic development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us with any additional questions that you may have. Click here to leave a message. 

What is the process for at-home sample collection?

Upon registration with Avrok Bio, we will assess your health profile and reach out if you meet the criteria for a research study. If eligible, a clinical research coordinator will contact you within 48 hours to validate your health information and provide detailed information about the specific study requirements.

Once you feel prepared to proceed, our mobile phlebotomy team will work with you to arrange a convenient at-home visit. A dedicated member of Avrok Bio's mobile health team will meet you in the privacy and comfort of your home, explaining the research study and perform the sample collection process.

Can I withdraw from a study?

Participants are able to withdraw from a research study at any time without obligation or consequence. We prioritize their well-being, promptly and without prejudice honoring their decision. Our commitment includes maintaining open communication and providing necessary support for individuals to make choices aligned with their best interests during their research participation journey.

Will I be compensated for participating?

Yes! Participants receive compensation in the form of a gift card for each study they participate in. This will be issued 5-7 business days after completing the study. 

Compensation varies by study. 

How is my information protected?

We adhere to the highest standards of privacy and security, including compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Our robust data protection measures encompass advanced encryption, secure storage practices, and stringent access controls. By strictly adhering to HIPAA regulations, we ensure the confidentiality and integrity of patient information throughout its lifecycle.

How are research participants protected?

At Avrok Bio, the protection and well-being of our research participants are paramount. We prioritize stringent ethical standards and adhere to the guidelines set by an Institutional Review Board (IRB), an independent body that ensures the rights, safety, and confidentiality of participants. Our research protocols undergo thorough ethical review by the IRB, which evaluates the study's design and safeguards in place to protect participants. This process helps guarantee that participants are treated with the utmost respect and that their data remains confidential. Our commitment to transparency, adherence to ethical guidelines, and collaboration with IRBs underscores our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of participant protection in all our research endeavors.