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Biobanking & Sample Storage Solutions

Comprehensive storage and library management services. Avrok's secure, CAP/CLIA accredited facility ensures both the preservation and viability of your samples. Whether it's fresh biospecimens, clinical trial material, or a compound library, see why Avrok is one of the most trusted sample storage providers in the US.

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CAP/CLIA facility

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Compliance Driven

Our facility is CLIA/CAP accredited, ensuring that our laboratory operations meet the highest standards. Additionally, our LIM system is 21-CFR-Part 11 and HIPAA compliant, guaranteeing the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.

Updated in real-time

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See Your Samples

Using Avrok's real-time sample viewing portal, instantly access stored samples and their data with user-friendly browsing, searching, and retrieval features. Stay informed about sample status, monitor storage conditions, and make data-driven decisions conveniently.

Validated assays available

Assay dev.

On-site Analysis

Avrok offers a wide range of in-house testing services, including routine, specialized, and custom analyses. Our expert team ensures accurate and reliable results, meeting your specific requirements. Custom assay development is offered as well.

Solution Details

Avrok guarantees the safety, viability, and accessibility of your samples.

Biobanking Freezers

Flexible Temperature Solutions

4°C, -20°C, -80°C, LN2, & ambient storage options.

24/7 Monitoring

Certified temperature probes on all storage units, real-time environment monitoring, & back-up generators.

All Sample Types Accepted

Tissues, Serum Plasma, PBMCs, Leukopaks, Stool, Saliva, DNA/RNA, Slides, and many more.

Convenient Sample Management

Managing your samples and conducting on-site testing is seamless. Access our client portal to view samples in storage, request sample pulls, and prepare shipments conveniently. Additionally, leverage our extensive range of technology options for on-site testing of specific aliquots. 

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Comprehensive Services

Accessioning - Processing - Testing - Cryopreservation

One Facility

Avrok Biosciences

Combine Sample Processing & Storage Services

We happily accept raw materials such as whole blood, stool, or tissues and handle all necessary isolation and sample preparation procedures prior to cryopreservation.

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Avrok Biosciences

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Biobanking & Storage Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us with any additional questions.

How does billing work?

Avrok offers a competitive billing structure within industry standards. Samples in storage will accrue monthly costs based on the aliquot size and temperature. 

Can I send samples in multiple batches?

Yes, samples can be accrued over time. This is common when working with samples originating from clinical trials.

Can I pull samples as needed?

Absolutely, all samples can be pulled as needed for in-house or third party testing. Avrok asks for a 72-hour notice to prepare the shipment. 

Does Avrok issue sample destruction certificates?

Yes, Avrok will pull samples and destroy them in accordance with industry guidelines. A proof of destruction document will be provided. 

How soon can I get my samples into storage?

Assuming space is available, Avrok can accept samples within the same week as the request.