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Human Tissue Procurement

Avrok works with respected institutions to obtain fresh tissue during both routine and surgical visits in accordance with the clients exact criteria. 
Tissue bottles

A Comprehensive Procurement Solution

Doctor and a patient talking in an examination room

Patient Acquisition

We work with the IRB the design and implement a collection protocol

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Tissue Collection

Partnering physicians collect the sample using the utmost care

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Processing & Analysis

Samples arrive at Avrok's facility for processing and on-site biobanking


Fresh Tumor Tissue Available

Contact our team to learn more about our fresh tumor procurement options. 

Other Tissue Types

Use Avrok's donor availability assessment form to inquire about any tissues not listed. 

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Skin Sampling

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Colon Tissue

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Accessible Conditions


Large Pharma Partners


Accredited Facility


On-site PBMC processing, tissue digestion, DNA extraction etc.

The Process

How It Works


Donor Assessment

Quickly determine if Avrok has access to donors who align with your specific requirements and timeframe. See the request form here.


Select Sample of Interest

Select sample type that you would like collected for each patient, as well as how you would like the sample to be processed post collection.


Decide on Data Generation

Inform us of the specific data you would generated for each donor. See our list of available on-site services here.


Receive Samples & Data

The sample will be carefully retrieved from storage and securely shipped using trusted courier service providers.


Get Started

Explore Donor Availability

Determine if donors matching your specific condition and criteria are available. Conditions categories for access include: 

  • Autoimmune 
  • Allergies & Asthma
  • Infectious Disease 
  • Healthy Controls
  • Rare Disease
  • Oncology

Rapid Assessment

Avrok will perform a feasibility review of your desired donor criteria and provide a response on donor availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the expected timeline from request to delivery?

We work with a network of expert clinicians & clinical sites along the west coast to ensure high quality sample collection while keeping your timeline as well as patients' comfort and safety top of mind.

A single sample collection with little to no I/E criteria can take as little as 3 weeks to collect. For more complex requests with a larger volume of samples, our project managers will work directly with your team to provide transparency into the collection process and make sure our timeline fits within your research needs.

Do you handle everything?

Yes!, All we need to know is the specific sample type you're looking for and any I/E criteria you have. From there, Avrok manages IRB approval, communication with clinicians and clinical sites, shipping logistics, and more!

Can we get matching whole blood?

Yes. Our clinicians have the ability to collect 10-20 mL of whole blood during the time of sample collection

However, should whole blood material be of greater importance to your research than the tissue sample itself, click here to explore Avrok’s human cell procurement services.


How is shipping handled?

Avrok handles everything related to shipping. The sample will be collected at one of our partner sites, and will be shipped overnight to our lab for immediate processing. 

After completing all of the requested processing/testing, our team will send the samples directly to your facility following your specifications.

Can we choose patients based on inclusion/exclusion criteria?

Yes, we can accept limited I/E criteria. Upon your submission, Avrok’s feasibility team will work with our network of expert clinicians & clinical sites to identify and acquire samples from your ideal patient profile. 

It is important to note that I/E criteria will extend study timelines and increase the overall cost of sample collection.